the way you hydrate


plant powered.

sourced from nature, curated for function, infused in water

grow with

We launched Wahiwater just over a year ago to make it easier for you to get the therapeutic benefits of plants into your diet.  What started out as four functional still waters has blossomed into ten varieties including full flavored sparkling water.  With year over year growth of 1,300% and an eye on national growth, we are looking to customers like you to join us on our journey to bring plant powered health to the masses!

WÂHIWATER elevates you to a better state of hydration with all-natural minerals and plant extracts that help you feel your best inside and out.

the promise of something better

 Learn more about our passion for helping others live their best life possible.

this is feel
good hydration


For us, it’s more than a saying, it was our very purpose for crafting WÂHIWATER to begin with. We believe the more goodness we give our bodies, the better we feel.

purify. revive. drive. repair.

With Mother Nature as our creation partner, we carefully select only the finest natural minerals and plant extracts to maximize specific functional health benefits. What better way to give your body more of what it’s asking for than with the crisp clean refreshing water you thirst for every day.

Real functional benefits, right from the bottle.

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